Zak Coffey Audio
(831) 293-4993
Nashville, TN
I can help with any audio-related project you're working on. Beyond mixing, I also work with utility audio, sound for picture, even podcast editing/vocal treatment. Reach out to me with any inquiries, project related or otherwise.

How it Works:

Using our online mixing/mastering service is easy, simply:

  • Record your song
  • Upload the multi-track* audio to any web-sharing destination
    (Google drive, Dropbox)
  • Let us work with your mix, and/or master
  • Listen back, and we'll discuss up to 2 rounds of revisions
  • Receive delivery of your polished project!**
* Unsure about how to produce multi track files? Contact ME! I'll walk you through the process.
** Standard delivery is high-resolution digital audio, but physical copies are available by request.