Zak Coffey

Welcome to Zak Coffey Audio. Here, at my online mixing portal, I work to bring your music to life. Anyone can benefit from my professional resources, no matter where you are in the world! Don’t want to commit to an entire project? Aren’t sure about getting the entire record done? My categorical approach to audio services mean you get only what you need! Send me a sample (or a single track) to see what I can do for you. I am acquainted with many genre's of music, from rock to orchestral, no music is beyond the benefit of an informed professional mix.

Your music can stand up next to today's top hits

If you've got a great song, you need a great mix to show it off

In a time with universal access to amazing studio-quality mixing and mastering tools, it's important to remember why the mixing process has worked so well for so many years: perspective. Introducing even one more pair of ears to your project can work wonders for alleviating the anxiety of bringing a piece of music all the way through a production. A fresh perspective means quality assurance for your sound!

I am a recording and mix engineer currently residing in Nashville, TN. In 2013, I studied to get my degree in recording technology at California State University Monterey Bay. Now in 2017, I've worked with many artists to develop recordings locally, nationally, and internationally. In my work as a post-production and live sound engineer I've worked on television broadcasts, for Grammy nominated talent, and behind the board for many breakout artists to make memorable and professional sounding musical experiences.

Zak Coffey


$45 Per Song
(Up to 18 stems)


$34 Per Song
(Discounted rates for full records/EP's!)

Production Services

$24 Per Song
(Minimum, dependent on services)